Improved Quality of Life for Denture Wearers

Many patients who wear dentures rely on the use of adhesive materials to help secure their loose fitting prosthesis. This can cause great difficulty while chewing certain foods and create embarrassing situations where the denture loosens during speech. Dental implants can help denture wearers in two ways:

  1. If there is sufficient bone available, enough implants can be placed to help support a permanent (non-removable) bridge replicating a natural set of teeth.
  2. A more cost effective method is to place two implants to help retain their existing denture. The implants provide excellent retention eliminating the need for denture glue.

In addition, the cases, patients who wear full upper dentures can have four implants placed. This not only allows for excellent retention but can also eliminate the palate portion of the denture. This greatly reduces the gag reflex and allows for patients to better taste foods and differentiate between hot and cold.


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