Immediate Teeth on Dental Implants

itiUsually when dental implants are placed into the bone, it is necessary for them to heal (osseointegrated) for six to twelve weeks before teeth can be made to go on top of them. One method of replacing the tooth or teeth during the healing period is through a removable prosthesis. Unfortunately, this can cause a disruption of lifestyle for many people. Over the last seven years, our practice has utilized a technique where temporary teeth are attached directly to the implants immediately after the surgery while still allowing the implants to heal in an undisturbed manner. This technique allows the patient to resume close to normal activity while providing immediate esthetic and functional results.

Immediate Temporization on Implants (ITI) Dental Implants have become a widely accepted and predictable mode of treatment for many patients. One of the limiting factors in the past of performing implant dentistry was the delay in receiving a fixed prosthesis due to the healing time necessary for implants to osseointegrate.

In turn, patients were asked to wear a removable prosthesis that was many times ill fitting due to the need for relieving it under the implants to prevent trauma during the healing. Some patients were asked not to wear anything for 1 to 3 weeks following implant surgery. Other patients who were able to maintain a fixed temporary bridge had problems associated with frequent loosening of the bridge and tooth related complications. These shortcomings prevented many restorative dentists and patients from accepting implants as a potential mode of therapy. In the last five years, our practice has been placing dental implants and then having you, the restorative dentist, place a fixed temporary prosthesis onto the implants the same day of surgery. This technique has eliminated the grief associated with situations described above. As a result, patients are more accepting of the desired treatment plan, the treatment steps are fewer and less complicated and the implants osseointegrated quicker and stronger.



At the time that our paper was published in May 2000 Journal of Periodontology, we had reported on 149 implants and 27 cases with a success rate of >95%. This was the largest sample of documented patients with immediate temporization on implants in the world. As of today, we have over 1,500 implants and 150 cases with a success rate >96%. Below is a list of references that discuss the technique and rationale.


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