Immediate Teeth on Dental Implants

Usually when dental implants are placed into the bone, it is necessary for them to heal (osseointegrated) for six to twelve weeks before teeth can be made to go on top of them. One method of replacing the tooth or teeth during the healing period is through a removable prosthesis. Unfortunately, this can cause a […]

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Dental Implants May Offer Smokers an Advantage – The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants

It has been shown in the dental and medical literature that patients who smoke have greater incidence of periodontal disease, root decay and an overall reduced healing response. This puts smokers into the high risk group for developing dental diseases. Previously, it had been demonstrated that even dental implants had a higher failure rate in […]

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Improved Quality of Life for Denture Wearers

Many patients who wear dentures rely on the use of adhesive materials to help secure their loose fitting prosthesis. This can cause great difficulty while chewing certain foods and create embarrassing situations where the denture loosens during speech. Dental implants can help denture wearers in two ways: If there is sufficient bone available, enough implants […]

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